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A complete set of digital emoji and custom artwork available to license for consumer goods, advertising, and other offline needs.

face screaming in fear
smiling face with open mouth & closed eyes
face with stuck-out tongue & winking eye
beach please
king poo
custom male emoji
Proudly licensed by:
South Park

About JoyPixels

JoyPixels is the offline brand created by EmojiOne, the company behind one of the first fully independent emoji sets. With years of experience in the digital space in both the design and technical sides of the emoji world, JoyPixels is the next evolution of our brand—offering services to consumer goods producers and other large-scale solutions.

Digital Products
  • Website & App Integrations
  • Commercial Projects
  • Advertising (digital & print)
Consumer Goods
  • Apparel, accessories, and more
  • Advertising (TV/film, large scale)
  • Custom solutions


Modern, Authentic Emojis

We have custom, in-house designs for all of the official emojis that consumers are accustomed to in their daily lives. And because we’re affiliated with the group that designs the emoji specs, we always have the newest emojis available, often before their official release date!

Each of our emojis are available in a high resolution, vector format and can be used for crisp reproduction in any possible size.

Emojis Brought to Life

We’ve taken some of our users’ favorite emojis and created entire characters and personalities for them. These custom illustrations really take emojis to the next level and bring them to life in large, colorful, fun designs!

  • Hump Day
  • Thank You
  • Yolo
  • Poke
  • Holy Crap
  • Monster
  • Shelfie
  • Crying Santa
  • Penguin
  • Holy Guacamole!

Each of our stickers are available in a high resolution, vector format and can be used for crisp reproduction in any possible size.

Custom Designs

We’ve taken the liberty to create designs for those missing emojis we think people would love to see. We also love to create custom patterns, designs, and anything else you might need to help make your products a success.

Each of our designs are available in a high resolution, vector format and can be used for crisp reproduction in any possible size.

Baby Bibs
Peace Love Happiness Shirt
Phone Cases
Unicorn Coin Purse
Save The Planet Shirt
Unicorn Baseball Cap
Water Bottles
Stamp Set

Recognized Worldwide

...in print, television, retail, and more!
  • Bioworld
    Bioworld's exclusive emoji brand partner.
  • Cafe Press
    Newly signed licensing partner for Cafe Press.
  • Boxed
    Newly signed licensing partner with Boxed.com
  • SouthPark
    Featured as 'Emoji Analysis' in 3 episodes of South Park, Season 20
  • TIME
    Featured on the cover of Time Special Edition 'Science of Happiness'.
  • McDonalds
    Chosen by McDonald's for special emoji-theme billboards.
The digital licensing leader!
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
    Adobe Photoshop CC 5m+ subscribers, native provider
  • Verizon Messages
    Verizon Messages 10m+ installs, primary emoji provider
  • Talk Ray
    Talk Ray 10m+ installs, primary emoji provider
  • Sony Playstation
    Sony Playstation Just signed, primary emoji provider
  • Intel
    Intel Just signed, social campaign
  • Free Conference Call
    Free Conference Call Just signed, primary emoji provider.

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Marcie Kubik
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